Wait…Are there three ethics? Or four? Or five?

Lately I’ve been thinking about the ethics of permaculture. I became aware that there are now whole branches of permaculture using ‘future care’ as a third ethic, and revisiting David Holmgren’s Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability reminded me of his very specific definition of ‘fair share’ and how that definition seems to have been softened … Continue reading Wait…Are there three ethics? Or four? Or five?


Where to now? Life after a PDC

I have known people describe their first permaculture design course (PDC) as a life-changing event. I've known others that found it practically useful for designing their own garden, or a foundation for what ultimately became a professional career in permaculture. Occasionally I meet someone that thought it was a waste of time or money, but … Continue reading Where to now? Life after a PDC

Some reflections on teaching permaculture

Yesterday we started teaching a PDC. All PDC's have some shared DNA but each one is also a unique expression of the designer, just like permaculture. Ours is designed using permaculture ethics and principles. Earth Care We teach local people. We can appreciate that there's money to be made providing training to overseas students but … Continue reading Some reflections on teaching permaculture