Sourdough is a useful analogy for teaching permaculture. You can't just follow a recipe and make bread. You need to spend time understanding the process and all of the variables. You need to move beyond a list and understand the principles behind the way that sourdough behaves, and when it fails you need the ability … Continue reading Sourdough!


The Permaculture Network

Someone asked a question recently on a Facebook site. How organised is the permaculture community/movement in Australia? Having a bit of time on my hands, and being in a thoughtful mood, I took some time to reply. I thought I'd preserve that response here for future reference. Here's my answer to the question: That depends … Continue reading The Permaculture Network

Some reflections on teaching permaculture

Yesterday we started teaching a PDC. All PDC's have some shared DNA but each one is also a unique expression of the designer, just like permaculture. Ours is designed using permaculture ethics and principles. Earth Care We teach local people. We can appreciate that there's money to be made providing training to overseas students but … Continue reading Some reflections on teaching permaculture

Can GMO Bananas Prevent Blindness in Children?

A family member recently commented on what she considers to be the unreasonable opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). To the uninitiated, a GMO is a plant or animal that has had it’s gene sequence manipulated by humans to give it qualities that the original species didn’t have, or to remove qualities that it did … Continue reading Can GMO Bananas Prevent Blindness in Children?

Climate chaos and orders of magnitude

There was a letter to the editor in our local paper this week. The author was recycling that commonly-heard argument against the Australian government doing anything about climate change: Australia is responsible for less than one percent of the carbon emissions on earth and nothing we can do either personally or nationally will make the … Continue reading Climate chaos and orders of magnitude