How can we ensure quality for students of the PDC?

It's always distressing to meet someone that has survived a disappointing PDC. It happened again today. A lovely human, passionate about the planet and interested in learning permaculture travelled many hours out of our bioregion to do a full time Permaculture Design Course (PDC) only to return home feeling frustrated, under-qualified and just a little … Continue reading How can we ensure quality for students of the PDC?

Permacultural Appropriation

A while back I wrote a piece about why permaculture is so hot right now. It was July 2020 and here we are in April of 2021 with no sign of that interest waning. This is great news for those of us that have practiced, taught and designed using permaculture for many years. We all … Continue reading Permacultural Appropriation

The self sufficiency myth

At the start of every permaculture course we ask students what they hope to get out of it. There are usually at least a few that include the phrase 'self sufficiency' in their response. Permaculture is considered by many to be synonymous with self sufficiency. The hard core version is totally off grid, on land … Continue reading The self sufficiency myth

The truth about cats and dogs

That old chestnut about the damage pets cause to the environment reared its fluffy head on Facebook today. Figures were quoted. Links were provided. Disparaging comments were made about the 'delusional thinking' involved in speaking to pets and sleeping with furry friends was described as 'strange behaviour'. Assumptions were made; most notably the assumption that … Continue reading The truth about cats and dogs

Is implementation the missing link?

We are drawing the the close of another PDC and spent some time this week teaching implementation. This module is not part of the recognised curriculum. We added it to our PDC after applying the permaculture design model. We noticed that the individual plans that students complete during a PDC often languish in a bottom … Continue reading Is implementation the missing link?

Everything is connected, including me

When I entered high school I was introduced to science for the first time, and in particular to the study of biology. The enormous text for the course was called ‘The Web of Life’ and was handed to us on loan on the first day. I hereby admit to keeping my copy for many years, … Continue reading Everything is connected, including me

The future isn’t written yet

I can remember a history teacher commenting that London citizens were once concerned about the city being buried in horse manure before the end of the century. Nobody could have predicted the arrival of Karl Benz's 'motorwagen' in 1886 and the impact that cars would have upon a different kind of pollution. I grew up … Continue reading The future isn’t written yet

Choosing a design site for your PDC

How to choose a site for your permaculture design course

2021: Same same but different

This design spiral will help you change the world My social media stream is filled with lots of hope for 2021, as if somehow, magically, replacing an old calendar with a new one will bring about the kind of changes we need to alter our trajectory. My friend Adam Snow woke me from new year's … Continue reading 2021: Same same but different

Reclaiming boxing day

The boxing day sales are looming. Educated consumers know that most of the hype around this annual buy-fest is smoke and mirrors. Lower quality, cheap items are shipped in ahead of the 'sales' and placed front and centre on the big day. It's an opportunity for stores to shift unwanted stock, outdated stock and things … Continue reading Reclaiming boxing day