2021: Same same but different

This design spiral will help you change the world My social media stream is filled with lots of hope for 2021, as if somehow, magically, replacing an old calendar with a new one will bring about the kind of changes we need to alter our trajectory. My friend Adam Snow woke me from new year's … Continue reading 2021: Same same but different

Reclaiming boxing day

The boxing day sales are looming. Educated consumers know that most of the hype around this annual buy-fest is smoke and mirrors. Lower quality, cheap items are shipped in ahead of the 'sales' and placed front and centre on the big day. It's an opportunity for stores to shift unwanted stock, outdated stock and things … Continue reading Reclaiming boxing day

Why permaculture should embrace non-binary language

My friend surprised me recently when they disagreed with my support for non-binary language, particularly regarding the use of pro-nouns. For those as yet unfamiliar with this increasingly popular shift in our language, some people are deciding that they would prefer not to be defined by assumptions about their gender and are asking to be … Continue reading Why permaculture should embrace non-binary language

Divorce is a permaculture issue

I think divorce is a permaculture issue. Here's why.When I was a child, divorce was uncommon. People needed to provide evidence to a court that there were grounds for divorce. Suitable grounds included adultery and abandonment but, significantly, not routine violence by one partner against another. It was expensive to divorce and the welfare system … Continue reading Divorce is a permaculture issue

Running a planning session for our permaculture group

Like many parts of the world, the NSW Central Coast has an active permaculture group. I've recently put my hand up for the role of President. Voluntary incorporated associations come with some accumulated baggage. They are defined by an Act of parliament and the Department of Fair Trading has oversight. Unsurprisingly the model is a … Continue reading Running a planning session for our permaculture group

The trouble with entropy

Search permaculture texts and you'll find very similar definitions of the term 'entropy'. This is not surprising. What might surprise you is that these definitions are challenged by many as fundamentally incorrect. It's time to rethink what we mean, and what we teach when we talk about entropy. Here's David Holmgren on entropy in Principles … Continue reading The trouble with entropy

Teaching without money and avoiding traditional hierarchies

Students covering hot compost in front of a fence they constructed using bamboo I have been reflecting lately upon the unexpected benefits of something we call 'Permashare'. The Permashare model was developed as a response to our desire to stay on our property as we age. Following some health challenges, we recognised the need to … Continue reading Teaching without money and avoiding traditional hierarchies

Legacy gardening in rental properties

I see a lot of articles in the permasphere about gardening for renters. They usually suggest removing a rectangle of grass, installing a raised bed and growing some annuals. The bed is removed and the grass replaced when you leave. The other option offered to renters is pot gardening, with the pots either discarded or … Continue reading Legacy gardening in rental properties

Books that change your brain: Lynne Kelly’s The Memory Code

Read this book! I love books. I was shocked to discover, as an adult, that a large percentage of the population never read for pleasure. I read fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction, particularly when it has anything to do with how humans might become better than we are. I have gears for reading. Some books … Continue reading Books that change your brain: Lynne Kelly’s The Memory Code