2021: Same same but different

This design spiral will help you change the world My social media stream is filled with lots of hope for 2021, as if somehow, magically, replacing an old calendar with a new one will bring about the kind of changes we need to alter our trajectory. My friend Adam Snow woke me from new year's … Continue reading 2021: Same same but different

Books that change your brain: Lynne Kelly’s The Memory Code

Read this book! I love books. I was shocked to discover, as an adult, that a large percentage of the population never read for pleasure. I read fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction, particularly when it has anything to do with how humans might become better than we are. I have gears for reading. Some books … Continue reading Books that change your brain: Lynne Kelly’s The Memory Code

Why permaculture is so hot right now

  Permaculture is suddenly very popular. It's not just a renewed interest among those of us that have always felt aligned to the ethics and principles of permaculture, but a surge among people that have never heard of it before. Why? At a pragmatic level, permaculture offers people and efficient, low cost way to produce … Continue reading Why permaculture is so hot right now

Why I’m planning on catching the corona virus

It's coming. It's actually already here and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have declared it a pandemic. There are suddenly hand sanitiser stations at the local shopping centre with WHO approved signs above them. Large events are now being cancelled. I'm not panicking. I have decided instead to simply accept the probably that I'm going … Continue reading Why I’m planning on catching the corona virus

Spell anthropocentricity

I don't usually use unnecessarily large words because I know they exclude people, so it's a bit out of character for me to be writing about a seven syllable word. It all started with a reconsideration of the client interview that forms part of the design process. I was chatting with my good friend and … Continue reading Spell anthropocentricity

And now, a word from my husband

On Thursday Graham decided to have a go at writing his own blog post. He knows that writing is often something I use to get through difficult times. I started blogging when I received a cancer diagnosis over six years ago and found it was a useful tool for working through my emotions, calming myself … Continue reading And now, a word from my husband

2020 Vision

2020 Vision. It's the obvious pun, and I know I won't be the only one making it. I'm still enthralled by it as a concept: A year of imagining a different kind of human existence. Is it possible that 2020 might just be the turn around year?  I'm not much for goals. It has been … Continue reading 2020 Vision

Thank you for sharing

Well that was unexpected. On Tuesday night I sat down at my computer and broke the "don't write angry" rule. The result was a post in response to the Prime Minister saying that the RFS volunteers want to be there. It has now been read by over 100,000 people. I have spent most of my … Continue reading Thank you for sharing

Redesigning permaculture

"Can't you just accept permaculture the way it is?" asked a friend and fellow designer recently. "Why do you have to keep messing with it. There's nothing wrong with the model!" I'm developing something of a reputation it seems, for being the person that keeps suggesting ways to redesign permaculture. This is not in any … Continue reading Redesigning permaculture

Why isn’t everyone taking action on climate change?

  The Arctic is burning. Children are marching in the streets. Leaders of Pacific Island nations are weeping at the lack of action. Europe just came through the hottest summer on record as part of a pattern of every summer for the last decade being the hottest summer on record. But for most people it's … Continue reading Why isn’t everyone taking action on climate change?