The safety to make mistakes

One of the challenges of teaching adults is overcoming our established patterns around learning. Most of us came through a school system where we were rewarded for 'right' answers and humiliated if we got something 'wrong'. These environments were also highly competitive. We were graded and stacked along a bell curve, proud to be at … Continue reading The safety to make mistakes


Permashare and the PDC

This entry is dedicated to Rowe Morrow. When I wrote and told her about our training she asked me to write it up and make it available to others. So here we go. With the latest PDC over it's time to review. We always do this. Nature's patterns are cycles and not straight lines. Things … Continue reading Permashare and the PDC

Wait…Are there three ethics? Or four? Or five?

Lately I’ve been thinking about the ethics of permaculture. I became aware that there are now whole branches of permaculture using ‘future care’ as a third ethic, and revisiting David Holmgren’s Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability reminded me of his very specific definition of ‘fair share’ and how that definition seems to have been softened … Continue reading Wait…Are there three ethics? Or four? Or five?

Can GMO Bananas Prevent Blindness in Children?

A family member recently commented on what she considers to be the unreasonable opposition to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). To the uninitiated, a GMO is a plant or animal that has had it’s gene sequence manipulated by humans to give it qualities that the original species didn’t have, or to remove qualities that it did … Continue reading Can GMO Bananas Prevent Blindness in Children?