Why population matters

  Permaculture has always called for limits to growth, including population, but it's often been rather coy about doing so. Hunt the literature and there it is, but telling people not to have children, or to have less children, invokes such passionate opposition from many about to do so that we often skirt around the … Continue reading Why population matters


Rethinking Food Gardens: Energy is Everything

The process for designing a home food garden typically starts with humans. What do people eat? What would they be prepared to eat? Sometimes it starts with what's available at the hardware store as plants or seedlings and sometimes it's influenced by a seed catalogue with enticing descriptions of abundant harvest. This is designing backwards.  … Continue reading Rethinking Food Gardens: Energy is Everything

Wait…Are there three ethics? Or four? Or five?

Lately I’ve been thinking about the ethics of permaculture. I became aware that there are now whole branches of permaculture using ‘future care’ as a third ethic, and revisiting David Holmgren’s Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability reminded me of his very specific definition of ‘fair share’ and how that definition seems to have been softened … Continue reading Wait…Are there three ethics? Or four? Or five?