2021: Same same but different

This design spiral will help you change the world My social media stream is filled with lots of hope for 2021, as if somehow, magically, replacing an old calendar with a new one will bring about the kind of changes we need to alter our trajectory. My friend Adam Snow woke me from new year's … Continue reading 2021: Same same but different

Teaching without money and avoiding traditional hierarchies

Students covering hot compost in front of a fence they constructed using bamboo I have been reflecting lately upon the unexpected benefits of something we call 'Permashare'. The Permashare model was developed as a response to our desire to stay on our property as we age. Following some health challenges, we recognised the need to … Continue reading Teaching without money and avoiding traditional hierarchies

Legacy gardening in rental properties

I see a lot of articles in the permasphere about gardening for renters. They usually suggest removing a rectangle of grass, installing a raised bed and growing some annuals. The bed is removed and the grass replaced when you leave. The other option offered to renters is pot gardening, with the pots either discarded or … Continue reading Legacy gardening in rental properties

Books that change your brain: Lynne Kelly’s The Memory Code

Read this book! I love books. I was shocked to discover, as an adult, that a large percentage of the population never read for pleasure. I read fantasy, science fiction and non-fiction, particularly when it has anything to do with how humans might become better than we are. I have gears for reading. Some books … Continue reading Books that change your brain: Lynne Kelly’s The Memory Code

Using permaculture to respond to wicked problems

It is becoming increasingly clear that many of the problems facing our species are wicked. Wicked problems can't be easily solved, because you can't see the answer from where you are. They remind me of a story my in-laws tell about travelling overseas and asking directions. "Oh, you can't get to there from here. You have … Continue reading Using permaculture to respond to wicked problems

Spell anthropocentricity

I don't usually use unnecessarily large words because I know they exclude people, so it's a bit out of character for me to be writing about a seven syllable word. It all started with a reconsideration of the client interview that forms part of the design process. I was chatting with my good friend and … Continue reading Spell anthropocentricity

What permaculture isn’t

It's an exciting time for permaculture. More and more people are discovering this endlessly useful, ethically based design pattern. We live in a time when creating and evolving systems that increase ecological health is suddenly becoming a priority, and something that allows us to combine that with providing for human needs seems like a bit … Continue reading What permaculture isn’t

Where to from here: Creating a permaculture learning circle

The time has come for all of us to return home. We walked away from nature, filled with hubris and a certainty that man could have dominion. Men failed. It's time for a different paradigm. One where we put the needs of the earth first. One where we focus on leaving the planet in better … Continue reading Where to from here: Creating a permaculture learning circle

Actions speak louder than words

I have great news. Graham's brigade have been gifted masks via Ophelia at 'My Sisters Keeper'. This amazing woman saw what was happening at the fire line and decided to do something practical to support volunteers. When I contacted her yesterday to say a big thank you, she told me that part of her motivation … Continue reading Actions speak louder than words

2020 Vision

2020 Vision. It's the obvious pun, and I know I won't be the only one making it. I'm still enthralled by it as a concept: A year of imagining a different kind of human existence. Is it possible that 2020 might just be the turn around year?  I'm not much for goals. It has been … Continue reading 2020 Vision